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At Anchor Tortola, BVI
At Anchor
Tortola, British Virgin Islands

www.escape-bvi.com is developed by Escape Today which is located in Florida and partnered with a local resident of the British Virgin Islands who has lived there for many years. The objective of the site is to provide information to those that have never been to the British Virgin Islands before and is full of travel information, all types of lodging, dining, island transportation, places of interest to visit, and out of the way places to explore.

For those that have already been to the British Virgin Islands, there is information on the site available that they may have not known about in their previous visits. Yachting, both power and sailing, is one of the major attractions to the BVI's as well as superb diving, windsurfing, board surfing, and many countless other water sports offered on our Web site. Escape-BVI has been developed for easy navigation from island to island, providing information such as a sailing tour journal and a walkabout tour of Tortola and the surrounding islands, to give one a local's perspective of traveling the British Virgin Islands via sea or land.

We are constantly adding new information about the BVI's including attractions, events, photos and services offered throughout the islands. A new "Blog" section was just recently added for those that may want to add any comments or stories about the BVI's. Any comments, suggestions and feedback about the site are appreciated and can be submitted to us by completing the Contact Us form. 

We extend a warm welcome to you as you browse our site on the British Virgin Islands, "natures little secrets."

Thank you for visiting Escape-BVI.

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